Friday, January 11, 2013

Hydrangeas and A Messy Kitchen

  That's right, I couldn't think of a better title. For the second weekend of Apartment Therapy's January Cure, I fetched me some pretty Hydrangeas. I was a little disappointed at the flower section at Publix, but after some hunting I found these beauties tucked away almost behind the florist counter.
  Oh yeah, I love them. And they only cost me four bucks, my kind of flower.
  Even Elijah complimented them when he came home from school. A smart boy he is!
  This weekend, the assignment at hand for the group is to organize the kitchen. Man oh man is my kitchen screaming for some organization. 
  It feels as though I am constantly organizing this beast but it always ends up back like this.
  That isn't even everything to be organized. There is still the utensil drawer and the miscellaneous cabinets that hold small appliances, dishes and Tupperware... oh no. My plan of action is to empty everything out and only put back what we actually use in an orderly fashion. I hope it works!
  Does anybody have any tips to share before I dive in? If all goes well I will return with glorious after pictures.

  hey - check out the after here.

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