The Monsters Under the Fridge

Did you think monsters just hid under beds and in closets? Well, you were wrong. They live underneath the refrigerator as well. I know, I wish I was kidding.
As I mentioned previously, I am in the process of painting the main room along with the kitchen, and that means behind the refrigerator. So I had Philip shimmy the big cool machine out of it’s nook, and what I found was not neat. Or clean. Definitely not clean. Was it suppose to be? I don’t know! Who really cleans behind their fridge? I sure don’t, haven’t since we moved in.
I will spare you a picture of it as is, but I will indulge you in a picture of what I swept up.

Yes, that is a breast milk bottle, and a fork, and a lot a lot of dust. Thankfully, no crawling or flying critters. Whew, dodge a bullet there.
Then I removed the outlet plate for the refrigerator plug, and BAM out falls a dead cockroach. It fulfilled Philip’s entertainment for the day but I did not enjoy having to paint alongside a cockroach corpse. How embarrassing.
So, I ended up not dodging the critter bullet but I did end up priming behind the refrigerator. That was my success of the day… right along with my cleaning fail. Does anybody out there regularly clean behind and underneath their refrigerator? I think I should start making it an annual chore, perhaps bi-annual? I could also do it weekly and possibly be considered a body builder. Okay that’s a bad idea. Who am I kidding, me? A body builder?

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