Too Legit to Quit

Wow, I’m really tuning into my musical side this week, aren’t I? First there was Queen and now I am going all MC Hammer on y’all. Why yes, I did just said y’all… it’s okay, I’m from the south.

Back to the matter at hand… it’s official, I have a my own domain.

Now that my website sports a top-level domain I feel like I need to be legitimate myself. You know, like by using correct grammar, that means you, “y’all’s”, correct punctuation and writing about real life important matters. To sum it up, things that would make my high school English teacher proud.
Wait a second, home churned ice cream and cheap projects aren’t important matters? Pshht, says who?

So, even though there are eight less letters to type out in the address bar, nothing else is changing. That’s right, nada, because really… nada isn’t even a real word and since I obviously don’t know the meaning of being proper, it won’t be happening any time soon.

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