Nani Turns Three

Yesterday was Eliana’s birthday. This was the first year she has really grasped the concept of having a birthday, and she loved it. She would squeal with joy when anyone said “Happy Birthday” and would repeat time and time again that she is “three weers old”, making sure to show off the number 3 with her fingers.

Party Animals
Candles Blown
Nani Smiles

Since I wasn’t up for throwing another large birthday party, we kept it simple by celebrating as a family of five with a skillet cookie cake. Saturday night I made the decision to blow up fifteen yellow balloons for her to wake up to in the morning (thanks for your breath, husband!). Thirty minutes before serving the cake, I made tiny party hats for the friendly pink elephant and giraffe. Eliana loved them.

Nani Party Animals
Nani Clapping
Eat Cake

We even put together this sweet video through Google’s new Auto Awesome Videos of her enjoying her presents that I cannot stop watching.


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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! 🙂 What a cutie!!

  2. Thank you!

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