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  • Charcuterie Table


    Have I ever admitted on here that I rarely pronounce words correctly? Words like apricot, pecan, Oregon, and wainscoting are a few that are debatable and even excusable. I’m not referring to those words, though. I’m talking about words like anonymous, where the N’s and M’s get all mixed up; synonym, which of course comes […]

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  • Seeing Zebras

    We are having a small party for our oldest daughter this weekend, so naturally I am in a complete party planning mindset. This is her first “birthday party” and she requested zebra party. She then quickly changed her mind to a purple elephant party but eventually came back around to the zebra theme. So we’re […]

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  • Ice Cream Birthday Party

    Ice Cream Sundaes

    I’ve never thrown or hosted a birthday party before, but for my son’s 10th birthday I wanted to do something special for him. Elijah was so excited, I was super nervous. Spoiler: In the end, everything turned out great. In our tiny house I set up a sundae station, a party hat decorating station, a […]