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  • Newborn Essentials

    newborn essentials

    While we work towards finishing the kitchen our baby boy is working towards making his arrival, which means we too, need to work towards preparing for his arrival. I’ve come to learn which items we prefer during those precious, sleepy newborn days and wanted to share my list of newborn essentials (instead of another non-essential […]

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  • New Baby Nonessentials

    Baby Non-Essentials

    Our baby boy is nearly here and my excitement, along with my belly, just keep growing. I’m slowly taking steps to prepare for his arriving, which includes making a list of baby essentials. You know, things like a baby bath, another crib, and plenty of diapers. While that list of necessities grows, so does my […]

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  • For the Love of Books

    I recently discovered library book sales. I had no idea how many great books were being retired and sold by our many local libraries. My favorite library is constantly having discounts on their books for sale and frequently have a table designated for free books. I’ve found so many great books, including some for homeschool, […]

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  • Color Crush: Pink

    Pink. Pretty pretty pink. I never thought I’d actually want to have pink in my home but here I am, having the sudden urge to paint our chairs pink. I’m great at changing my mind, so I doubt that will actually happen. I also share the house with someone who may not completely agree with […]

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  • Willow Tree Nursery

    Our favorite place to go when we start to feel the gardening itch is a local nursery. We purchase our flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, and indoor plants from Willow Tree Nursery. Are you familiar with the gardening itch? Since we’ve lived in this house, it’s happened to me pretty consistently with the onset of […]

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  • One Rug, Two Rooms

    This is a sponsored campaign with Mums the Word Network and Kalaty Rug. All opinions are my own. About one month ago I shared with you one of Kalaty’s area rugs and an imaginary modern library. I was, and still am, pretty enamored with the Persian-style rug I shared. So when Kalaty asked me to […]