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    Have I ever admitted on here that I rarely pronounce words correctly? Words like apricot, pecan, Oregon, and wainscoting are a few that are debatable and even excusable. I’m not referring to those words, though. I’m talking about words like anonymous, where the N’s and M’s get all mixed up; synonym, which of course comes […]

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  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    When a birthday arrives in our home, I like to make it a point to bake the special person a birthday cake. Being the only baker in the household, it’s a no-brainer that I bake myself a cake when my own birthday comes along. I did this for the first time last year and continued […]

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  • Mango Sorbet

    Or is it Sherbet?! Is sherbet just the way to spell the pronouncification of sorbet? I now realize pronouncification is not a word. Is sherbet even a word? Well, I just Googled sherbet and it is a word. Sorbet and sherbet are two different things.Although similar, sherbet can contain milk, according to TLC. Now that […]