Birthday Cake

When a birthday arrives in our home, I like to make it a point to bake the special person a birthday cake. Being the only baker in the household, it’s a no-brainer that I bake myself a cake when my own birthday comes along. I did this for the first time last year and continued with it this year. Although we don’t celebrate everyone’s birthday with a big party each year, I like to still make things exciting. Even if it’s just a simple birthday cake to stick some candles on at the end of the day.

Birthday Cake
You see, I go through fazes of what sweet concoctions I like to whip up. Previously I was on a pie kick, then an ice cream spree. Now I’m moving on to the wonderful world of cakes. There are so many cake and frosting combinations I’m eager to try. For my birthday this year I made a browned butter cake with a caramelized white chocolate ganache frosting. It was good, but a little rich.
My husband’s birthday is coming up next, so I’ll put another flavor combination to the test if this baby doesn’t make his debut before then.

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