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  • Flamingo, Flamingo, Flamingo

    flamingo costume, shooting star costume, sailor costume

    For the past two years, Isabelle has dressed up as a pink flamingo for trick-or-trick (AKA: her “favorite game”). I thought it was only fitting to throw her a flamingo party for her birthday this year. I’ve had ideas swarming around my head for a few weeks and have finally began executing them this week […]

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  • Paint Decisions

    white paint colors, light gray paint, swatches

    Choosing paint colors was on the top of my priority list for our new place, so as soon as we moved in, I got straight to work painting multiple samples on every wall. After weeks of deliberating (this one is too beige, but this one is too blue!), we settled on two paint colors for our […]

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  • Charcuterie Table


    Have I ever admitted on here that I rarely pronounce words correctly? Words like apricot, pecan, Oregon, and wainscoting are a few that are debatable and even excusable. I’m not referring to those words, though. I’m talking about words like anonymous, where the N’s and M’s get all mixed up; synonym, which of course comes […]

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  • We Moved!

    dark gray exterior

      Nearly two months ago, we packed up our small home of five years, handed our keys over, and after a dozen signatures, sold our home. Before we put our old house on the market, we already knew the next house we’d be buying (spoiler: it’s my childhood home!) We accepted an offer two weeks after our house […]

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  • Minimal Wood Lamp

    Minimal Wood Lamp

    These lamps caught my eye several months ago on Pinterest and as I do with most things I see on Pinterest, I conspired to make my own. I acquired all the supplies and got right to work. I had the best intentions to finish it before Philip’s birth but things didn’t quite go as planned […]

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  • Because Babies

    Because Babies

    It’s been nearly three months since my last blog post. I’m sure anyone who has read this blog (which is everyone – duh) is going through some major withdrawal syndrome. Don’t worry though, your symptoms should decrease shortly. When I warned that it would get quiet over here, I never intended for it to be […]

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  • Philip Edward

    Baby Philip Featured

    Our baby boy made his arrival last Friday and we couldn’t be more smitten. I don’t think I will ever get over how beautiful God made this whole child-bearing process. Waking up one morning as if it was just any other day, then ending the day with a new baby in my arms.   Little […]