Thankful + A New Beginning

I’ve spent the past two weeks working towards launching a new online shop, Wilder Provisions, offering handcrafted wooden provisions. After busy days and long nights of learning the ropes of ecommerce, I managed to meet my deadline of today.

Handmade Wood cutting Boards

I opened up shop with a select amount of hand carved spoons, boards, and other utensils. Everything is hand carved and finished by me. It’s a passion I’ve had for years and I am so thankful to be able to grow it into a small business.

Spoon carving isn’t an overnight process, it takes time, repetition, and a lot of blisters. There are days of carving, sanding, and finishing before a spoon is ready for use but once it is, it will be a lasting heirloom. Each piece carries a story and I’m so excited those stories will be continued in loving homes.

Handmade Wooden spoon

This will be the only shop update of the year, so check it out here if you’d like. Also, how about that sneak peak of the kitchen?! It’s been making the perfect backdrop for product photos.

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