A Proper Desk

One of the biggest goals for the living room was installing an IKEA desk. After two years of living in this home, and eight years of marriage, it was time for a proper adult-like desk. And now, we have one!

I used a set of Alex drawers and two legs with two desk tops to create an extra long desk in a corner of our living room and it’s just so nice. To be able to take a proper seat (I love this faux-leather chair!) and actually – get this – work like a proper person is pretty fantastic.

IKEA Desk + Leather Chair

So what if everything is still not yet “organized” – what does that matter anyway? – it looks pretty from the outside! Okay, kidding, it doesn’t look like this all the time. In fact, as I type, my laptop on the desk is sitting on top of a notebook that I has been sitting out and is surrounded by a plethora of in-progress wooden spoons for Wilder Provisions. My camera is nearby and so are two packages waiting to be labeled and returned to Amazon (habitual Amazon returner right here!).

Still yet, a messy desk is a working desk and that’s okay with me. I would much rather have one space dedicated to work clutter than the entire house. Okay, okay, work clutter is still at times taking over the kitchen and dining room. You get the point though, don’t you?

I’ll be back with the full-view one of these days, once I hang a shelf or too and convince my husband to let me splurge on an Apple keyboard and mouse (these look-a-likes would do too). For now, I really ought to straighten up all of this mess.

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