• Minimal Wood Lamp

    Minimal Wood Lamp

    These lamps caught my eye several months ago on Pinterest and as I do with most things I see on Pinterest, I conspired to make my own. I acquired all the supplies and got right to work. I had the best intentions to finish it before Philip’s birth but things didn’t quite go as planned […]

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  • Beeswax Candles

    Beeswax Candle

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making candles, so when my friend Rebekah pointed out that beeswax candles aid in cleaning the air, I became slightly obsessed. After all, cleaning and I go hand in hand now. The vintage Jell-O molds I thrifted made the perfect candle container. To save money, I thought […]

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  • Heart Chalk

    Heart Chalk

    Looking for a last minute DIY Valentine’s Day gift? This homemade heart shaped chalk should do the trick. Head on over to Live Simply for a full tutorial. Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you big on celebrating it or do you just treat it like any other day?

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  • Some Shelves


    Before our renovation, I made a track-shelving desk near our bed area. It worked out great while we had a queen bed positioned the way it was but once we acquired a king bed and rotated it, the desk became a nuisance. As a side note, I’m pretty sure any event from here on out […]

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  • The First Holes

    Entry Coat Rack

    It’s official, our brand new addition has acquired its first set of wall holes. There’s something about the new drywall factor that made it so hard to finally drill into it. But alas, our coats and bags needed somewhere to hang. Our entryway now looks a bit more filled out than it did before. I […]

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  • Practically Done!

    Home Entry

    Praise God! The construction phase of our home renovation is officially done. Alright, it has been for about a month now. The front yard is still sporting piles of leftover dirt, we still have some painting that needs to be done and there is no art on the walls but let’s focus on all the good parts […]