Two Shelves Down, Two to Go!

This week I’ve been working on installing floating shelves in our kitchen. Soon after we finished tiling last week, I prepared the shelves for installation and have been working on them ever since. My dad joined two pieces of ash wood together for the shelves and they turned out beautifully. I had planned to install the shelves with brackets from Amazon but at the last minute decided to use a method using a threaded rod shared by House Updated, which was a sturdier option. Although I will be sharing more of the process in another post, I couldn’t wait to share the first finished section in the kitchen!

Installing Floating Shelves in Kitchen

I wasted no time loading these two small shelves with our dishes and a pretty plant. I’ll be working on installing the other shelves this weekend and should be done by early next week. I cannot wait to have this project complete! Even though installing floating shelves is not the easiest project, it was a lot simpler than I made it out to be.

Kitchen Floating Shelves

If you look close enough, the top shelf is slightly unlevel. It’s barely noticeable but of course I can tell. Unfortunately there’s not much I can do about this so thankfully it isn’t horrible. I did everything I could to ensure a level shelf but some times it’s up to the will of the plaster walls and wood.

Of course we still have to caulk the seams of the tile, add toekicks and various trim, and I may still tile one more section of the kitchen. We’re close, though! So close!

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