• Our Home
  • Hopes for the Living Room

    Let me preface this post by stating that I’ve never actually participated in a full blown remodel project, at least not to this extent. We added on to our living room by enclosing a screened porch in our last home, but I was pregnant with Philip and my father-in-law was our general contractor. My role […]

  • Our Home
  • The Living Room

    This home has been owned by three people prior to us, my mother being the third owner. The second owner completed an addition in the back of the house off of the kitchen, remodeled the kitchen, and ran air conditioning to the garage for his dogs. The back addition beyond the kitchen is our living […]

  • Life
  • Fixing a Slab Leak

    copper fitting for shower + termite damage slab leak repipe

    Let’s talking about plumbing. More specifically, let’s talk about repiping a house. After we confirmed that the mysteriously leak we discovered on Thanksgiving was under our home’s foundation, we knew the only option would be to reroute all of the plumbing to run through the attic and walls. In some cases, it is possible and feasible […]

  • Life
  • Paralyzed Progress

    vintage persian rugs

    Paralyzed. That’s how I’ve been feeling lately when it comes to making progress on our home. I want to do something and need to start somewhere, but every task seems to rely on another task being completed first. For instance, unpacking boxes requires some shelves to place all of the contents. Installing shelves requires paint. […]

  • Inspiration
  • Paint Decisions

    Choosing paint colors was on the top of my priority list for our new place, so as soon as we moved in, I got straight to work painting multiple samples on every wall. After weeks of deliberating (this one is too beige, but this one is too blue!), we settled on two paint colors for our […]