Bathroom Before + Inspiration: One Room Challenge Week 1

Hooray! Another bathroom to makeover, this time alongside the One Room Challenge. Bathrooms are, strangely, one of my favorite room makeovers to tackle. They’re relatively small, making them safe places to go bold in. And, if you don’t want to go through a complete bathroom renovation, a little paint and a change of accessories can make a big impact on a little budget.

So, even though I just recently shared my beige bathroom reveal, I’m coming at you with another beige bathroom to transform. This time, the fixtures are white (a definite positive!) but the large wall tiles are beige (major downside). As much as I would love to demolish that tile and replace it with my dream tile, I do not have the energy or the budget to take on such a project so soon after our eternal kitchen renovation.

Here’s what the bathroom looked like when we moved in. Then, in March 2017 I replaced the mirror with a vintage one I found at an estate sale. Shortly after that, I replaced the vanity with an IKEA Godmorgon. Side note: plumbing isn’t my least favorite thing! And, it made a huge and much improved difference – I love the storage the Godmorgon added.

Now, this bathroom isn’t horrible. With those changes, it’s functional and not visually offensive. BUT, I’ve always thought about giving this bathroom a fresh coat of paint and accessories. That’s where the One Room Challenge comes in.

My plans are to paint (I may be going bold with dark green, which makes me super nervous!), replace the light fixture (something like this!), switch out that glass shelf for something more my style, and upgrade some accessories like the towel hooks and toilet paper holder. We currently have one of those free standing toilet paper holders which has become a toy for the small children. It drives me i-n-s-a-n-e every time it falls down on the terrazzo, so I’ll be very glad to see that gone.

This photo (source) has served as a major inspiration for this room, which seems odd that a mudroom would be inspiring a bathroom, but I just love it.

Green is definitely a favorite color of mine and this room nails it. But, the green is on the bottom half of the room, whereas the green will be on the top half of this bathroom – with beige tile. So, I feel crazy for wanting to paint over the white (who even am I?) and I might wimp out. I need some encouragement! Go green or stay white?!

Let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out the other designers participating in the ORC.

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  1. Go GREEN! 🙂 I think that pop of drama will be beautiful…looking forward to see what you decide. Best of luck with ORC!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Oh my gosh! I’m using the same inspiration photo for my bathroom makeover for the ORC. I just love it. I’ll be following your project for sure.

    1. How funny! I’ll be looking forward to see your take on it!

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