Kitchen: Current State

We’ve made a lot of progress in our kitchen in the past several weeks. (As a reminder, here’s where we were when we started.)¬†The last time I updated you, we were in the demolition phase and were refinishing the terrazzo floors. Once the floors were finished, we began the long process of building and installing our cabinets. It wasn’t hard, just very time consuming. We bought our cabinets from The Wholesale Cabinet supply and chose to have them delivered ready to assemble (RTA for short). It would have cost an extra $18 per cabinet to have them delivered assembled but we needed them to be flat packed for the sake of storage, since we ordered them in November and didn’t begin installing them until January.

After the cabinets were completely installed, we had a quartz fabricator come out to measure for our counters. We found a local company that sold quartz by the square foot rather than requiring us to purchase an entire slab. It took them a little over a week to fabricate the quartz and about an hour to install. Two days later I pretended to be a plumber and hooked up the faucet, sink drain, and dishwasher.

We still have a lot to do before calling this kitchen done. I thought for sure it would be done for Christmas. When we missed that deadline, I was positive we’d have it finished before the baby, but that is not going to happen.

Here’s a list of what is left to do:

  • Install and secure island, including butcher block counter
  • Install filler pieces and pantry doors
  • Hook up hood vent, garbage disposal, and island pendant lights
  • Choose and attach cabinet hardware
  • Choose and install backsplash
  • Install shelves
  • Attach toe kicks and baseboards

There are plenty of decisions to make, including picking out tile (herringbone or subway?!), hardware, shelving material, number of shelves and placement (one shelf or two?!), and which stools to keep (black or wood top?!). I’ve been having fun with polls on Instagram¬†to get your opinions (check them out on via my kitchen highlights here) but would love to hear what you think in the comments.

This kitchen has definitely been a labor of love and something I have chosen to loosen my deadlines for. I’ll be ecstatic once it is completed, whenever that may be, and for now am grateful for the progress we have made.

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  1. Trish says: Reply

    Subway tile! And woodtop stools! As for the shelves I have no idea because I’m iffy about shelves, lol.

    1. Thanks! Subway tile seems like such a safe, good!, choice.

  2. I can definitely see some pretty subway tile in here! It’s going to be gorgeous!

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