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Today is a big turning point for our kitchen remodel. We’ll be taking out the remaining cabinets, finishing up the initial electrical work, and preparing our home for the terrazzo floor to be refinished. I’ll be saying goodbye to our functioning kitchen sink and quite possibly my sanity. But! It’s the step in the right direction and we’re (hopefully quickly) heading towards our new kitchen. With that said, here are is the kitchen design decisions I’ve settled on so far.

kitchen design - brass, wood, quartz

pendant lights | subway tile | cabinets | butcher blockfaucet

After much debate and anxiety, I decided to go with these inexpensive pendant lights from Target’s Project 62 line. They are not solid brass but they are pretty solid for our budget. We chose to make some sacrifices to set aside money for smooth coating our heavily textured ceilings and to splurge on quartz countertops (which, surprisingly, isn’t a huge splurge if you can find a reasonable fabricator). Those sacrifices included my previous lighting options and these leather counter stools.

Our cabinets are the Dover line from The Wholesale Cabinet Supply. I ended up really liking the shaker style cabinets with a flat front drawer base and The Wholesale Cabinet Supply was one of the few affordable RTA cabinet suppliers that offered them. The cabinets and all of their accessories are currently stacked in our bedroom awaiting for the chance to put assembled and installed. Basically my house is a madhouse with various items and boxes lining nearly every wall.

The lovely folks at eFaucets sent over the Delta Trinsic faucet in champagne bronze along with a dreamy undermount sink. We’ve had our cabinets for about a month but receiving the faucet last week really helped things sink in and feel real.

brass, quartz, terrazzo, subway tile

As for the other finishes, like the backsplash, hardware, and open shelves, I still haven’t completely made up my mind. I’ve decided on subway tile for the backsplash but need to choose between smaller 2 x 4 tiles or the standard 3 x 6. Hardware is a whole other beast to decide on and the open shelves have proven to be a quite the challenge as well.

Despite the hurdles that still need to be addressed, I’m excited for what lies ahead. Well, mostly excited – this whole “no kitchen sink” thing doesn’t sound like a blast.


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  1. I love how you’ve laid out everything. So professional and organized. Great colors and finishes. I am certain you’ll love living in your kitchen once complete! Congrats ahead of time! <3 Evelyn,

    1. Thanks!

  2. Love your kitchen design concept. Can’t wait to read all about the transformation. This is defiantly on my wish list for our home.

  3. I love your design plan! So pretty

    1. Thanks, Jessica!

  4. Rose says: Reply

    The parts look great. It’s going look amazing. I always like to watch updates and before and after projects.

  5. Emily says: Reply

    I love the choices you have made! I love subway tile, it is such a timeless look. To me the longer subway tile feels more modern and the standard sized one feels more classic, just a matter on what look you want to go for. Good luck!

    1. I totally agree. Thanks!

  6. zana says: Reply

    I like to cook. I enjoyed watching

  7. I am totally loving the brass fixtures!! I will be incorporating these into my new kitchen!!


  8. Pauline says: Reply


    Browsing on pinterest I came across this very pretty picture you made.
    I am in the midst of renovating my house and I find this kind of terrazzo.
    That is why I allow myself to ask you the reference of this product please.
    Thanking you.

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