Our Terrazzo

This week we’re taking a big step in this kitchen renovation by refinishing our terrazzo floors. Everything is piled in the living room and completely chaotic but it’s a huge turning point in this remodeling process. Our contractor will start with a treatment of paint and varnish remover followed by heavy duty hydrogen peroxide to attempt to remove the “ghosting” caused by old peel and stick vinyl floors in the kitchen. Afterwards, they will fill the damage from the wall we removed and go through a wet grinding process to repair and polish the floors.

Several years ago the previous owner, who happens to be my mother, pulled up all of the old flooring and refinished the entirety of the terrazzo. The company she hired skipped the chemical process completely, relying solely on regrinding and polishing. The ghosting in the kitchen wasn’t extremely noticeable until the wall was removed to shed some light on the situation. Even though we’ll be exhausting all of the possible methods, there’s really no guarantee that the set in stains can be removed. I’m a bit nervous the staining won’t be completely removed and am trying to keep my expectations low but am eager to see how it’ll come out. I’m even more excited to move on to putting our kitchen back together once the floors are finished.

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