Dennis Conrad

Our sweet baby is here! Little Dennis made his speedy arrival on March 14th and we’ve been spending every possible moment since then cuddling and resting. During my entire pregnancy the fact that we were about to have a baby felt like an abstract thought so when the moment finally came and I was holding him for the first time, my heart swelled with joy and disbelief that, He’s actually here! This is really for real!

I had never given birth without first knowing our baby’s name. Then he arrived and with joy filled tears I held him in my arms, my baby, with a name yet to be declared. We spent the following day asking, what is your name, little love, what do we call you?

Now he has a name of his very own, a name he shares with strong, loving, caring men in his life – a name God knew all along, but took us a while to discover. He shares my father’s and brother’s first name and gets his middle name from my father-in-law. To name him after both of his grandfathers just feels right.

I’ll be taking some time to rest (I’ve been given strict orders to do so this time around) but will be around to share some updates on our home, of course. In the meantime, you can get your baby fix on Instagram – you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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