Spring Fever

Over the weekend we went to our town’s annual Green Thumb Festival. We look forward to it every year and love to be inspired by all of the beautiful greenery. Each year we come home with something new to grow and like to reflect on what we’ve grown in the years past. Last year we bought a white mulberry that has doubled in size and has a wonderful yield of delicious berries. This year we bought our fill of unique flowers, like the balloon milkweed and the prettiest dahlia, and couldn’t resist all of the wonderful fruit trees. We settled on a low-chill apple tree, a grafted Anna and Dorsett, to replace our dying orange tree and a strawberry tree that prolifically fruits sugary red fruit.

anna dorsett apple

I also took the opportunity to purchase some more air plants to have around the house and am determined this time to keep them alive. Any tips for a notorious air plant killer?

Even though we have a long list of chores for inside of our home, it was nice to turn our focus outside during this abnormally beautiful Florida spring time.

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  1. K says: Reply

    Hi Kim!

    Lots of bright, indirect light.
    Every 2 weeks soak it for 15 mins then shake it off, put it in a paper towel, upside down for a 1-2 hours. The roots will rot otherwise.
    Mist it once a week / a little more in the hot summer
    Talk to them!

    1. Great tips K, thanks!

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