Bathroom Accessories and Art: One Room Challenge Week 5

It’s week five of the One Room Challenge and I’m excited about how my bathroom is turning out. To recap, check out the posts for week one where I shared before photos of the bathroom, week two about painting the bathroom a dark (too dark?) green, week three where I made a bathroom lighting mistake, and week four for a DIY hand towel holder tutorial.

This past week the bathroom light was replaced and a little shelf above the toilet installed. I’m ready to install accessories (like a proper toilet paper holder and towel hooks) and am finally narrowing down my design.

Towel Hooks | Oak Shelf | Hand Towel | Mangrove Cuckoo Print | Towel Holder

You see, I tend to start a room makeover with an idea of how I want things to turn out then figure out the details as I go. It’s definitely not the smartest process, as I make plenty of mistakes I have to later fix. But in this season of my life, it’s how my mind works.

The Audubon bird print was a source of information from the beginning but I wasn’t sure if I’d have room for it in the bathroom. I’m still not sure, but I’ll be making a space for it. sent me pretty matte black accessories for this bathroom makeover. The toilet paper holder I received is so simple and pretty and I’ve never been so excited for a toilet brush. Beauty and functionality can coexist after all.

This week I’ll be finishing up the bathroom to show you the final reveal for the final week of the ORC next Wednesday, so keep an eye out.

There are so many great designers participating in the One Room Challenge, check them all out here!

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  1. I love all the things in this post! This is a cool challenge! Come over and see what’s happening at Jute and Ivy. I’m talking about cleaning for the holidays and these would make great gifts for someone who also is inspired to re-do their bathroom!

  2. I am loving all the pretty details you’ve chosen. Looking forward to your reveal!

  3. I love this post! We are going to redo our bathroom and these are great ideas

  4. I still love this idea so much and would be most likely to try it at my family’s cabin. If I ever built a house again,It can be stained so many different ways. Thanks a lot for your great thoughts.

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