Living Through a Kitchen Renovation in Photos

It’s been over a year since we broke ground (rather, plaster wall) and began our kitchen renovation. On November 5th, 2017 we spent the day tearing down the wall that turned our kitchen into a cave in the center of our home. We thought we would have the essentials done in time for Christmas. How naive we were back then.

We had just installed our island countertop two days before Dennis was born and didn’t tile until August. I finally finished installing the shelves and toekicks, then caulked in September. Without the photos to prove it, the kitchen is complete, besides the hood vent being unlevel and one outlet cover missing. However, before I take photos and share the reveal, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane.

I’ve gathered most of the photos I could find of living through a major renovation. I don’t have many tips to share, because I didn’t really ever do things “right”. We lived off of microwavable meals on paper plates eaten with plastic forks and every single room was consumed by the renovation. Seriously, there were boxes piled high every where (see photos below for proof). The dust may be finally gone after settling but I honestly doubt it.

It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come and to witness the progress in these photos. We were stalled for so long at every stage that it was hard to see and appreciate the real time progress, since every step forward brought on a whole new list of tasks. But now, now!, we have a kitchen with the white cabinets and brass hardware I dreamed of. The walls are lined with subway tile, there are custom build shelves by my dad, and I actually have a functioning dishwasher to use daily!

We’ve experienced the stress, I’ve cried the tears, and hold some scars from our first DIY full scale renovation. I’m thankful for where we are and sorry I wasn’t more trusting in the process. Enjoy this photo book of sorts, I most certainly can’t stop scrolling.

One last thing, you can read all about the kitchen renovation here.

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  1. Sky says: Reply

    You certainly came a long way with your kitchen renovation. A renovation can be very stressful but luckily once its over you are able to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

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