Weekend Tiling

After taking months to decide, I finally chose a tile for our kitchen backsplash. By finally chose I really mean that I purchased subway tile from one store, changed my mind the next day and returned the tile, then went to another store and purchased my second choice. I could have waffled some more (confessions of decision anxiety) but am comfortable and even excited about the final choice.

On Thursday evening I broke new ground and laid my first piece of tile ever. By Friday afternoon the first wall was complete. Today and through the weekend I’ll be working on laying the rest of the tile, including the entire oven wall and maybe a little wall next to our refrigerator (see it in this post).

My neighbor lent me his tile saw and needs it back by early next week, which gives me a deadline to keep me motivated. As if a finished kitchen isn’t motivation enough. So, back I go to finish the job and occasionally pause to stare and admire the pretty little tiles.

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  1. You did a great job! You should listen to “The Next Right Thing” podcast to help with your decision fatigue. I totally have that, too! 😉

    1. Thanks! The episodes I have been able to listen to I enjoyed!

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