DIY Marble Shelf

A couple of weeks ago I shared my bathroom makeover. The room went from being an awkward yellow and beige room to a significantly less awkward minimal and special bathroom. The easy diy marble shelf is what really set the space apart. I made two using a marble sill and spray painted angle brackets to created stylish marble shelves for the bathroom. The easy diy project helped transform the whole space, making the bathroom appear as though it cost a lot more than it actually did.

diy marble shelf bathroom

These bathroom marble shelves were installed just like the simple diy faux floating shelves that I had installed in our previous home’s bathroom. Below is the tutorial on how I made these marble shelves.

budget bathroom makeover marble shelf

DIY Marble Shelf

budget bathroom makeover


Marble Sill (I bought mine from Home Depot)

Two Corner Brackets

Gold Spray Paint

Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive


Start by spray painting your angle brackets and allow time for the paint to dry and cure. My favorite way to spray paint items like these brackets is to take them outside set them inside of a cardboard box. After the first side has had enough time to dry, I flip them over to spray paint the other side. Remember with spray paint that the trick is to apply multiple thin layers rather than one thick layer. Also, keep shaking the spray paint can to avoid clumps!

For the marble you’ll need to cut the marble sill to the desired size using a tile wet saw and sand the sides with a high grit sandpaper to soften the edges if they come out rough.

Next, mark where you would like to hang the shelf and install the brackets into studs or using heavy duty anchors. Keep in mind that you will need to install the brackets upside down.

Now, place the marble shelf on top of the brackets and mark where they will touch the brackets.

Then, spread the construction adhesive where you marked on the shelf and place the shelf on top of the brackets. Weigh down the shelf with something heavy – hardcover books work great – until the adhesive has dried (usually 24 hours).

Finally, enjoy your shelf!

bathroom diy marble shelf

Where would you install marble shelves in your home? I’d love to know if you make your own diy marble shelf – let me know how it turns out!

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  1. Lindsay says: Reply

    Turned out so cute!! Love how you styled it too!!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay!

    2. Mickey says: Reply

      Looks like it was fun to put together!

  2. Nicole says: Reply

    I love this!! Such a good idea to use the marble sill as a shelf!

    1. Thanks! It’s inexpensive, too!

  3. Alicia says: Reply

    Oh so pretty! Love how you used gold spray for the brackets!

  4. Ariel says: Reply

    This came out super cute! You did such a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I never knew it was so easy to make something so gorgeous!

  5. Sherry says: Reply

    I absolutely love how this turned out! My daughter is doing a Paris theme for her bedroom soon. I may show her this shelf for some extra inspiration. It’s adorable! 🙂

  6. I found you on Boss Girl Bloggers ☺️ that shelf is gorgeous! ? I’m redoing several rooms in my house and this shelf may end up in all of them!

  7. I love marble! I didn’t expect it to be a material you can cut to size so easily at home

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