DIY Toothbrush Holder

A few years ago I came across a wooden toothbrush holder for sale. Being who I am, I wanted to try to make one on my own, which led to this DIY Toothbrush holder which is still sitting pretty in my bathroom after over three years. All you need to make this wood toothbrush holder is a solid piece of wood and a drill gun.

bathroom marble shelf

I found a scrap piece of teak wood at a local specialty lumber yard to use for this project. If you don’t have one nearby, you can easily use a piece of oak sold at a big box hardware store that will do. Also, after drilling the holes for the toothbrushes, the wood will need to be sealed to protect it from water. Polycrylic spray is ideal for this and super easy to apply.

This has been one of my favorite, most used DIYs. We literally use it multiple times a day. At first, I didn’t seal it properly but since I used teak, it still held up.

diy toothbrush holder

DIY Toothbrush Holder


1 piece of wood (mine is teak wood and measures roughly 3″H x 3.75″W x 2″D)

drill gun

1/8-inch drill bit

5/8-inch drill bit (for larger handled toothbrushes, you’ll need a large drill bit)

Polycrylic spray


First, measure and mark where you will drill the holes for the toothbrushes. I spaced mine evenly apart.

Next, using your 1/8″ drill bit, drill a pilot hole three-quarters of the way through the wood. This will pave the way for the larger drill bit.

Repeat with the larger drill bit, keeping sure to stay steady and level. To make sure that you don’t drill through the wood, use a piece of painters tape on the drill bit as a guide.

Lightly sand the block of wood and wipe of any sanding dust.

Finally, seal the wood according to the instructions of the sealer.

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  1. Best DIY tutorial to make the toothbrush holder. Your step by step helps me more to make a copy cate brush holder and make it easier.

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