• Weekend Tiling

    After taking months to decide, I finally chose a tile for our kitchen backsplash. By finally chose I really mean that I purchased subway tile from one store, changed my mind the next day and returned the tile, then went to another store and purchased my second choice. I could have waffled some more (confessions […]

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  • DIY: Peg Rail + Shelf

    Modern entry way diy peg rail

    The diy peg rail shelf was a must have in our entry way and after deciding to make it myself, it quickly became my favorite project. It faithfully holds all of my purses (when I just can’t choose which one I like the best), the baby carrier to grab as I walk out of the […]

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  • Kitchen Remodel: Before

    Kitchen soffit and wall removal

    We’ve been making headway with our kitchen remodel and are quickly approaching the chaos that is sure to come with a large remodel project. Our cabinets have been delivered, the sink and faucet are on the way, and I’m losing plenty of sleep while contemplating all of the lighting options. While I am attempting to […]

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  • The Backyard Shed: Update

    Rehanging Vintage Windows

    We are this close to calling the shed complete. A week after we first started framing the shed, I found out I was pregnant. Having already been 6 week pregnant, symptoms starting cropping up quickly, specifically morning sickness, which prevented me from being any help whatsoever. After the framing was completed, my husband tackled the […]

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  • Minimal Wood Lamp

    Minimal Wood Lamp

    These lamps caught my eye several months ago on Pinterest and as I do with most things I see on Pinterest, I conspired to make my own. I acquired all the supplies and got right to work. I had the best intentions to finish it before Philip’s birth but things didn’t quite go as planned […]

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  • Beeswax Candles

    Beeswax Candle

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making candles, so when my friend Rebekah pointed out that beeswax candles aid in cleaning the air, I became slightly obsessed. After all, cleaning and I go hand in hand now. The vintage Jell-O molds I thrifted made the perfect candle container. To save money, I thought […]

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  • Heart Chalk

    Heart Chalk

    Looking for a last minute DIY Valentine’s Day gift? This homemade heart shaped chalk should do the trick. Head on over to Live Simply for a full tutorial. Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you big on celebrating it or do you just treat it like any other day?

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  • Some Shelves


    Before our renovation, I made a track-shelving desk near our bed area. It worked out great while we had a queen bed positioned the way it was but once we acquired a king bed and rotated it, the desk became a nuisance. As a side note, I’m pretty sure any event from here on out […]