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Before our renovation, I made a track-shelving desk near our bed area. It worked out great while we had a queen bed positioned the way it was but once we acquired a king bed and rotated it, the desk became a nuisance.


As a side note, I’m pretty sure any event from here on out on this blog will be referred to as “before renovation” or “after renovation”. It’s kind of like when you have your first child everything is separated between “before children” and “after children” but different. Just, different.


Back to the task at hand. To solve the nuisance problem, I simply separated the two pieces of wood that made up the desk portion and installed them on smaller brackets. It was an easy change that I definitely appreciate.


If you can imagine, it was a very awkward corner while it was a desk. Now, it still provides some storage (hooray for function!) while being aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, the lamp that used to be attached to the desk doesn’t fit there now, so I’m searching for a replacement.

On the subject of functional storage, we are having a slight storage issue that is slowly being resolved. Of course, my nesting hormones have been helping resolve this problem. The main issue is that we are out of a functioning desk and are in need of a designated area to place our daily homeschool items. We actually found a solution but it’s a matter of putting the pieces together. So while that comes together (and while I focus on organizing other areas of the house), this shelf unit will have to make do.

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