Nesting and Keeping Busy

I’ve had a few dreams lately that our little baby was born early and that nothing in the house was prepared for him. Three of these dreams in a row has plunged me into nesting overdrive. We all know that the most logical thing to do while nesting is to head to IKEA and purchase a closet system, don’t we? So of course that is what I did.

Busy Nesting
I was planning on having another post for you today but my time has been occupied with ALGOT assembling. In case you are wondering, the assembling is much harder than the purchasing process – even when three children are involved. Although there were some stumbling blocks (when are there not?), I’m happy that the closet is almost complete. Almost as in another trip to IKEA and a few more to the hardware store and then it’ll be done.
It’s all worth it for the sake of organization and, more importantly, room for this baby’s clothes.

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