The Backyard Shed: Update

We are this close to calling the shed complete.

Rehanging Vintage Windows

A week after we first started framing the shed, I found out I was pregnant. Having already been 6 week pregnant, symptoms starting cropping up quickly, specifically morning sickness, which prevented me from being any help whatsoever. After the framing was completed, my husband tackled the roof while I attempted waffled on what color to paint the shed. After the shed was painted progress was stalled as we waiting for the windows to become available.

The windows are from a 1920’s home that is being restored, they have some old termite damage and have been painted multiple colors of the window.┬áChances are that one of the layers of paint is laced with lead, which is why I opted to paint them rather than remove the old paint. Although initially I wanted to paint the shed black, I decided to stick with white and paint the windows black.

This past weekend my dad and husband worked on framing out the windows and hanging them. Seeing them function with all of their original wavy glass is stunning. We still have a lot of miscellaneous things to do, like install and paint the door, set up a work table and shelves, work on getting electricity, and touch up the exterior, but we really are close. It (hopefully) won’t be long now and I’m so eager to share it with you.

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