• The First Holes

    Entry Coat Rack

    It’s official, our brand new addition has acquired its first set of wall holes. There’s something about the new drywall factor that made it so hard to finally drill into it. But alas, our coats and bags needed somewhere to hang. Our entryway now looks a bit more filled out than it did before. I […]

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  • Practically Done!

    Home Entry

    Praise God! The construction phase of our home renovation is officially done. Alright, it has been for about a month now. The front yard is still sporting piles of leftover dirt, we still have some painting that needs to be done and there is no art on the walls but let’s focus on all the good parts […]

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  • Dust, Dust, and More Dust

    This week has been a little crazy in home renovation land. Last weekend we painted the exterior of the house and removed the carpet in the girls’ shared bedroom. Right after getting out of paint mode, we moved on to demolishing our tile floor. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little fun. Since then, […]