Easy Dip Dyed Gift Tags

Wow, Christmas is right around the corner. We’re talking three days, people! My gift baking is done but I can’t say the same about the gift shopping.

So although I may not be completely ready to wrap gifts, I am slightly prepared to wrap them. I made these gift tags last weekend and love how they came out. I used these gift tags and Rit Dye to make them. I love the color they add to simple wrapping paper. Stop by Live Simply for a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Gift Tags

Are you prepared for Christmas yet? What are your plans? I’m trying to take some pressure off of myself by remembering that things don’t need to be perfect and that I don’t need to do everything. My friend Rebekah’s post reminded me of that. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything I would like to get done but sometimes it’s okay to say no. I’ve been trying to keep that in mind lately.

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