Our Broken Karlstad: Fixed!

You guys, I’m ecstatic. After nearly a year of living with our couch propped up on building blocks, it is finally fixed and back to normal.

Fixed Karlstad

After asking an IKEA employing if they sold replacement couch arms, I had lost all hope of ever repairing it when she answered no. Since I had already attempted to fix the arm myself with no success, I had hesitantly accepted that until we could replace our couch, we would live with a broken one.

Until I was back at IKEA to return pieces of the closet system. I decided to ask the woman at the returns center if they sold replacement Karlstad arms. She went to check and came back with a replacement arm in hand. I was elated. They charged me $20, which is much easier to swallow than the price of a new couch.

Of course replacing the arm went from a twenty minute task to nearly two hours, but that’s par for the course when it comes to all things IKEA, right?

Fixed Karlstad

Needless to say, we’re happy the days of constantly propping the couch up on building blocks are gone. Although I do have to ask; has anyone noticed how stinky new furniture is? Or is that just my pregnancy super nose?

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  1. Hello my karlstad arm broke as well I found ur blog and seen you got a replacement at IKEA so I decided to try my luck and they had one but when I went to change the arms I realized that it didn't have the screws on the new arm was that the same for you if so how did u get the crews on?

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  3. I used all the hardware from the old, broken arm. I've heard that IKEA has spare hardware that you can dig through to find what you need. I hope this helps!

  4. Oh after a half hour I figuard it out. Lol. Am so happy

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  6. I’ve never tried this. It’s very good idea!

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