New Baby Nonessentials

Our baby boy is nearly here and my excitement, along with my belly, just keep growing. I’m slowly taking steps to prepare for his arriving, which includes making a list of baby essentials. You know, things like a baby bath, another crib, and plenty of diapers. While that list of necessities grows, so does my list of not-so-necessary items.

Since a compilation of all the diapers and nursing pads I plan on using doesn’t make for pretty blog fodder, I’ll instead share a compilation of all those items that I don’t really need and are a little bit unrealistic but are oh so pretty to look at.

Baby Non-Essentials

Okay, so some of these items can be considered must-haves, but I have a hard time purchasing items that will only be loved for maybe a year (with the exception of one or two things). In the ultra-simplifying mode I am in, I will opt for a trash can rather than an impressive diaper pail and a big nursing blanket over a nursing scarf.

What are some baby items that you would love but aren’t exactly necessary?

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