A Baby Boy!

We had our ultrasound yesterday and discovered that we’re having a baby boy! I had my suspicions that this growing baby was a boy (as did my husband and some friends) so I was overjoyed when those suspicions proved to be true.
ultrasound thumbs up
I don’t believe I will ever tire from ultrasounds. Even now, during my third pregnancy, the excitement leading up to an ultrasound is nearly uncontrollable. Seeing the baby kick on screen as well as feeling those kicks is tear-worthy – or maybe that is just the hormones talking.
The whole drink-two-gallons-of-water-and-hold-it-in thing isn’t as exciting, though. Thankfully, I am far enough along to not have to go through that kind of torture.
The weeks leading up to it, I was fairly nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find out the gender of this baby. My insurance only covers one ultrasound, so it was either find out now or find out at the birth. I’m pretty impatient so I couldn’t imagine waiting for the surprise at birth. Of course, this little baby of ours was curled up in a ball at first, then once he stretched out, his legs were crossed.
At first, we got a glimpse of what looked like a little girl. So for about two minutes we had it settled in our minds that we would be welcoming another girl into our family. After I nearly died from the thumbs up he showed us we discovered that indeed, we are having a boy!
Like I said, we are overjoyed to welcome this new addition into our family. Now, I better get a headstart on hoarding all the adorable boy clothes.

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