A Bed in our Living Room

Not to be confused with the post titled A Bed in the Living Room. The difference between that post and this one; there is actually a bed in our living room now.

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Before I get started, I want to say; I’m not completely happy with these pictures. Boo-hoo, you must be thinking, just take some new ones. I considered that but who am I kidding? I’m way too lazy “busy” for that and in the end, do superb pictures really matter all that much? So excuse the poor lighting and resulting graininess of these following photographs.

Back to the whole we’re-sleeping-in-the-living-room-while-our-one-year-old-gets-her-own-bedroom thing. Yeah, well… it’s working out pretty great. We’re sleeping better, she’s sleeping mostly better, we’re all just happy to be sleeping better.

So instead of walking in our front door to see a froggy potty, you will now be greeted with our bed. Hello, welcome to my bedroom home.

bed in living room

Form follows function in a small family home, but that doesn’t mean function has to be sore on the eyes. I definitely have a mental list of things I’d like to change about our current living room set up, which is a drastic change from the last time you saw this room.

For one, I’d like a proper bed frame. A wood platform bed would be ideal to throw out that old, exposed box spring and metal bed frame. I’m eyeing Ikea’s TARVA bed frame, but am picturing it painted white. It would also help to learn how to properly make a bed, because those pillows are just sad. However, in order to “properly” make a bed, one must acquire “proper” materials. A duvet cover would be a start, as well as pillowcases that aren’t holey. White sheets wouldn’t hurt either.

bed in living room

Those things cost money, though and unfortunately our backyard chickens do not lay golden eggs – ridiculous, I say! – so it will just take some time. For now, you can focus your eyes on our newly framed map while I write up a tutorial on how I built said frame.

Bed + Frame
So tell me, have we officially lost our minds? I’d venture to say we have gained them back after a couple of months of sleeping 8 hours straight…

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  1. You've got to make your space work for you – and if that means sleeping in the living room to preserve your sanity and precious sleep time so be it! So many folks are house poor due to signing on to a larger space before they can afford it. This space looks tidy and cozy – not to mention the perfect dose of personal chic.

  2. Thank you, Kristen!

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