Baby’s Breath in the Cold

It’s cold here in Florida and by cold I mean 58 degrees F. My native Florida bones even needed a scarf to stay warm. Okay, I still wore flip flops outside but give me a break, I live in Florida. So keeping up with the weekly routine of buying flowers, I braved the cold outdoors I bought myself baby’s breath. Oh yes they are pretty.

Have you noticed a trend of what I put my flowers in? Just like last week, they get held in a jar. I don’t own any proper vases but hey, I’m okay with that.

I have to tell you though, these baby’s breath don’t nearly smell as lovely as my baby’s breath. I just can’t get enough of her. Why yes, I am biased. Hey, maybe whoever named these tiny white flowers named them after the delightful smell of her (or his) baby! Okay maybe I am just trying to make it seem normal.

I am no stranger to sniffing my baby. Philip will often catch me taking a whiff of her and look at me with a confused face. I don’t really think it is the breast milk that smells good, it’s not like I would take a bottle of pumped milk and sniff it. And it can’t be spit-up, can it? I don’t care whatever it is that makes her smell so pleasant, I will keep on enjoying her sweet baby breath while I can.

Am I the only one taking whiffs of my baby or are there other closet-sniffers out there like me?

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