March Thrift Store Finds

Considering it is April 1st – you know, April Fools – I almost thought writing this post was a joke. As in, you mean to tell me I’m sharing March thrift store finds on the first day of April?!¬†Psssh, yeah right.

Well, the joke is on me because here I am, sharing all the cool things I found last month. I actually didn’t bring home too much, which I’m okay with; it’s either time to add more shelves to our walls or to calm down my thrift store hoarding. Hmm… tough decision.

I think more shelves are in order after bringing home another load of vintage books. This month I found a lot of great hardcovers like The Complete Brother’s Grimm, A Tale of Two Cities, a gardening encyclopedia¬†that claims Spring is close, and a worn out Betty Crocker’s Party Book. I even managed to go all Call the Midwife by purchasing an old nursing book.


The children acquired some new books, too. Like this Bible Story collection and another book to add to the Book House collection that I found at a garage sale in February.

8-bible stories-2

Also found were some old western’s and science fiction books, Little Golden Books, and other various oldies-but-still-goodies.


Keeping with things for the kids are two of these wrought-iron chairs, aren’t they super sweet?!


This Fisher Price Tudor House is also insanely adorable – it even has a real doorbell! I’m tossed up on whether that is a good thing or not…


Other things I brought home were a few vintage baby shirts, a brass cup that is now a succulent pot, a fondue pot and cheese grater (both of which will be listed on Etsy soon), and a second picnic basket which is a bit smaller than the first.


So what have you been finding at thrift stores -or garage sales – recently? Let’s chat!

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