Full Term


Tomorrow I will be considered “full term” in my pregnancy, which means this baby boy can make his appearance safely at any time. Eliana was born on her due date and Isabelle came one week prior. I’m anticipating this baby to come earlier than 40 weeks but don’t mind if that turns out to be untrue.

Either way, I’m doing all I can to prepare for his arrival. The freezer is packed with easy to cook meals, the diapers are out of storage and cleaned, and the cradle is assembled and ready to hold a newborn. Of course there is much more on a lengthy to-do list that I’d like to get done, but that is mainly the nesting-itch speaking.

My friend threw me a wonderful baby shower last weekend which has helped me feel much more prepared for his arrival. I’m working through organizing all the precious baby clothes I was gifted. I was also generously gifted a new crib (!) that I am smitten over and am excited to put together. I don’t think I will ever tire from the process of preparing for a new baby. It’s just as exciting this time around as the first time around.

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