Medicine Cabinet Makeover

I have to admit, I feel a bit strange talking about my bathroom, or as Philip dubbed it, the urination station, to the world wide web. But for the sake of organizing I will not only talk about my bathroom, but show you pictures of it too. There you go, now it can be awkward for both of us.
In an attempt to try to get organized with Apartment Therapy, today is the designated day to get the medicine cabinet in order. Really though, does anyone even store medicine in their “medicine cabinet” anymore? I don’t. I store bathroom related things in my medicine cabinet since well, it’s located in the bathroom. For the sake of pretending like I did something really extraordinary, here is a picture before I tidied up my medicine cabinet.

A bit cluttered, yes, but not horrible. Still in need of some sprucing up, though. I used the same method I used while organizing my kitchen; empty out the cabinet, purge what isn’t needed and put back only what is necessary in an orderly manner.

A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, go ahead and toss it. Unless of course you are expecting to need it sometime soon. Not too shabby for about ten minutes of work, huh?

After I was done with the medicine cabinet, I repeated the process with the cabinet under the sink.

I didn’t get a before picture but trust me when I say it was a mess. I used a wire shelf I had laying around to help organize things. I decided to keep extra items underneath the shelf and leave the top for things that are used more often like bubble bath. There are also two drawers beside the cabinet that house our hair clippers and Elijah’s things for easy reach.

As far as the rest of the bathroom goes, I have a little metal shelf installed to hold towels but would really like to replace that with some floating shelves, perhaps the lack shelves from Ikea?

For now though, it works. I could have gone and purchased some nifty cabinet organizers or even could have made a magnetic holder for the inside of the medicine cabinet but wanted to keep this task free. Because free is good.

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