Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our New Broken Chair

Last Monday, Philip started a new job. It was a long day filled with missing our children and a lot of outside walking in business attire. He was exhausted, yet on his way home he saw this chair sitting out as trash and thought I would like it.
He was right, I do! Did I mention he was exhausted and took the time to tetris this into our car before coming home? Excuse me while I boast, I'm more than a little smitten. I'd venture to say my man knows me very well.
Now here's the problem. How on earth am I going to decide what to do with it? Should I paint it or stain it? If I paint it, what color and if I stain it, what shade? Oh, the decisions!
You can tell it definitely needs to be refinished. And that seat. Yes... that seat. There has to be a way to create an upholstered cushion to replace the wicker, don't you think?
I'm thinking it would look great as a desk chair, if it will fit in the narrow leg room. Or it could go in our old bedroom, now Isabelle's and soon-to-be Eliana's room, since there is no seating in there currently.

Most of all, I'm curious to know what type of chair this is. It has no markings but it definitely took some skill to make. See that bent wood? Beautiful!
Now let's see if I can get this baby refinished in a timely manner. Have you ever found a beloved piece of furniture on the side of the road?

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