A Messy Kitchen No More!

Last week I shared with you pictures of a messy cabinets and pantry. This past weekend I hunkered down and got them straightened up. What do you think?

The pantry didn’t change much but I am itching to install floor to ceiling shelves to make it more efficient.

I sure am happy with the results and now I will fill you in with the messy details. First, I removed everything from the cabinets. My countertops disappeared.

I then went through everything and sorted them into four piles; feed to chickens, compost, throw away and keep. Things that were given to us that we would never use got fed to the chickens. Things like old herbs were composted and everything else that was expired was thrown away. Things are often given to us then stuffed away never to be used or seen again. So trust me when I say things were very expired.

I also sorted and grouped like things together. Do you think I need more Nutella?

How about more brown sugar?

Once that was done, I put everything back in a thought out place after wiping down the shelves. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Oh, see those knives hanging out? That was a little magnetic strip I put together on a whim. I will be back later today with details and a how to.

The spruced up corkboards make me smile.

This is more or less a reference for Philip to refer to in case he forgets where anything is. Aren’t I thoughtful, hubby?

I also worked on the other cabinets that store dishes, pots and pans and small appliances. I put things we hardly use up on the high shelves and above the refrigerator. Those coffee mugs are hanging out of the way on little hooks I had laying around. They make me smile as well.

So that sums up my orderly kitchen. I am thinking some labels would make things even better. There are plenty of free printable labels out there so I will have to browse around. They would be a nice alternative to masking tape on mason jars. Or to sniff testing to find the herb I want… that doesn’t always turn out the way I want it to.

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  1. Great work! I love the corkboard decor on the inside of the cupboards — bound to make you feel like keeping everything tidy. ( I know all about tidying up and then months later… what happened?!) I also like decanting the dry goods into jars. I need to do this. Re your pantry, definitely better, but I wonder if you can go even further and get bins (wood, metal, plastic?) to contain groupings of items. Would this make it even more efficient/aesthetically pleasing? It's something we all do for the linen closet, so I've done this in my refrigerator and it works well there too. Keep going, looking great! 🙂

  2. Thank you! So far I have kept it organized, which is a record! I definitely think grouping like items in bins would make things more aesthetically pleasing. I have placed all rice and dried bean bags in plastic rubbermaid bins in the pantry, it helps keep things but being piled up elsewhere. I like the idea of bins in the refrigerator, I may have to give that a shot! Thanks for stopping by!

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