Hooking Up Some Hoodies

As part of the January Cure from Apartment Therapy, I am selecting a task from my list of things to get done this month. I went a bit over board and not only selected, but completed two. I know, I am a bit of a rebel sometimes.
I decided to get something easy yet effective and functional out of the way and that led me to the children’s room. Time and time again I face the challenge of things on the floor; toys, clothes, more toys, thankfully not Lego’s and some more clothes. Elijah is very good at putting his Lego’s away after he is done playing with them. But, there is no place for his jacket, robe or backpack, so they tend to just lie on the floor. Or is it lay on the floor? I hope this isn’t a test.

I have been hoarding this bar of hooks (I don’t really know what else to call it.) and storing it finally paid off. While dinner was simmering for twenty minutes, I got around to hanging it. Now the hoodies are happily off the floor along with the Mario backpack and Mario robe.

wall hooks

I also went ahead and hung this Ikea mesh hanger I purchased a while back. Mark second task done! I had actually hung it before, but it got overloaded with toys and ripped out of the ceiling. This time it will only house stuffed aminals. I mean animals. Sorry.

That crayon art canvas used to hang where the mesh tower now hangs. Since I was already working in there, I decided to do a little switch-a-roo. Eliana walked in a said, “ooh!” That was before she photo-bombed the picture. Elijah seems to be enjoying it as well, now his sister will keep out of his homework.

It feels very rewarding checking things off a list. I should really keep this up! What recent projects have you checked off your to-do list? Were they quick and easy or did they drag on for a while?

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