March Thrift Store Finds

It’s been one month since I last shared my purchased thrift store goods so I am back to share what I found in March. This month I found more practical but not as pretty items as well as some I have no idea why I would need these items. I also ended up spending less money, since the local store I frequent was offering a $5 voucher for donating items on a certain day. Score!

In the practical category is a stainless steel whisk.
thrift stainless steel whisk
I usually don’t dig through the utensil bucket at this particular thrift store but I am glad I did. I scored this baby for $1 and I had been needing a new one since my last whisk flipped out on me. Pun intended.
I found this garlic press in the utensil bin as well. It’s not much to look at but it has proven handy in the kitchen. I especially like the fact that my fingers don’t reek of garlic after making dinner.
thrift garlic press
Another kitchen find was this liquid measuring cup.
thrift measuring cup
Again, nothing fancy… but I like it.
Moving on to the fancy department is this silver, er… thing. Really, I have no idea what this thing is or what it was used for.
thrift antique silver dish
I had seen it at the thrift store for at least a month and had actually put it in my cart a few times but always ended up putting it back. I ended up buying it when I needed to match my $5 voucher limit which is funny since after buying it, I went to an antique store to see the same one, in a better condition, for $18.
antique silver dish shell ends
I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. Maybe I will leave it as is, rust and all, and keep in on a shelf or perhaps a few coats of spray paint may convert it into sponge or remote or nick-knack. Eh… I’m sure I’ll find some use for it.
Some other things I purchased using that $5 voucher were a couple of wooden frames. I may use them in the kids’ room to extend their frame collection or I could paint them white and add them to our living room frame wall.
I don’t think I will be keeping the pictures but that mat will be pretty useful after a coat of white paint. $4.50 is a steal for two sturdy frames and one good mat. Embroidered E included… or is that a sideways W?
Last but probably my favorite is this hand carved wooden trivet from India.
india carved wood trivet
It was either $1.50 or $2, I forget.
carved wood india
Check out that detail.
carved wood leaf
I actually bought it for Philip since when we met he owned this similar table.
carved wood table india
carved wood leaf table india
carved wood and ivory inlay
And a few months ago he found this look a like at a thrift store he was at with my step-father. I am still in disbelief that he willingly entered a thrift and it wasn’t me dragging him in.
carved wood india trivet
This one has an India mark but there is no ivory in the center. My guess is its a newer reproduction. What’s yours?
So there’s what I found last month and I’m two for two with keeping you updated on what I find (check out last month’s here). There’s no guarantee I make this month’s deadline so you’ll have to wait and see. Oh the anticipation!

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