Virtual Window Shopping for the Kitchen

Today I was hoping to give you a kitchen update but the cloudy weather wasn’t permitting me to. And in case you were wondering, I still have not painted the additional two walls.

So while I was procrastinating pulling the refrigerator out to finish painting, I made myself busy virtual window shopping on the interwebs.

I have mentioned this before but I am a little color scared. On top of that, I have a phobia of patterns. I see pops of color and patterns work so well together over at Dave and Joi, Young House Love and all over Pinterest but I have a problem taking the leap.

So although I may not ever actually purchase these products (I’m cheap, what can I say?), it’s fun to pretend.

1. First thing on the list is what I consider to be the biggest part of the puzzle, the rug. This black and white “zigzag” rug from Urban Outfitters is fun but won’t steal the show from other pieces. Of course, at $44 for a 3 x 5 rug, I am very unlikely to hit the “check-out” button. Why yes, I have a hard time spending more than $20 on anything. However, I did see a black and white striped rug at Target for a lesser price. It’s not as fun as chevron, but it may work.

2. I don’t have much wall space in my kitchen but if I did, a print like this would make me smile. On top of that, it would keep me from stopping what I am doing to Google how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon.

3. Here’s where my commitment problem kicks in… I love all three of these containers. I am a sucker for yellow and since $10 is a price I can handle, this World Market container could be a keeper. However, I also love me some turquoise and since I already have some measuring spoons that would match this container, it would look nice. But for twice the price over at Mod Cloth, it has me shaking it my boots. It is purdy, though. On the other hand, I love the simplistic look of West Elm’s enameled container and the three different sizes they offer. Heck, I think they could all live in perfect harmony on my kitchen counter. That is until Eliana gets her hand on one, she would keep repeating, “color, color, color….”.

4. I really like the look of natural wood entangled in solid blacks and bright colors. It would be fun to have a butcher block counter but since we have no interest in replacing the counters in our rental, this cutting board from Amazon would do.

5. This is where I start getting sweaty palms… two different patterns in the same room. This tea towel resembles my attempt at drawing straight lines and I can’t but help to like it.

6. I don’t think I would ever use a scale but I would make myself if I was weighing things in this turquoise beauty. I would even splurge the $25 it takes to make it mine.

7. Our oven clock is the only clock we have in the house but when the timer is set, the clock doesn’t appear. This retro timer would help keep the oven clock on while baking some delicious treats. Even if I didn’t need a timer, you may still find it in my kitchen.

8. I always found it to be so fancy when chefs use a salt cellar. These patterned salt cellars would make me feel fancy without needing to hold my pinky up.

9. Now, this could be a very unnecessary kitchen addition to some but I’d like it to hold the eggs I find in strange places in the backyard. Plus, I think it’s cute.

So what do you think? My idea to make colors and patterns work for me is to keep the big, harder to replace pieces neutral and only accessorize with bright colors. That way, if I ever find a yellow timer to be too much to handle, I could hide it away in a drawer. It makes sense in my head, we’ll see if it plays out to be true in real life.

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