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Remember back in January when I mentioned I was painting my house? Well nearly three months later… I still am.

I started out with a red eye sore of a kitchen. What on earth was I thinking? The dark red made the wall full of cabinets very dark. Since you can see this wall from the front door and the living room, it felt like it sucked the light out of the entire house. To put it simply, it needed to go.

We used to have a microwave above the oven but once it broke we took it down. We don’t plan on replacing it so I have been trying to come out with a suitable solution for the empty space. Those wires are for LED lights we had under and over the cabinets that used to hide behind the microwave.

A simple shelf would do for the empty space but the dimensions are so awkward that I feel anything other than a matching wood or stainless steel shelf would clash too much. But more on that another time… the topic of this post is paint… and primer. Behold the lovely red walls primed. This is two coats on the bottom and one coat above the cabinets.

It eventually took three coats to cover the red completely. I used Zinssers Bullseye Primer and I hate to say it but I was very unimpressed. It didn’t spread or cover very well and became very frustrating. This is a completely opposite than the experience I had with their oil based primer, which I love.

Regardless, with Philip’s help and two coats of paint later, I was left with these beautiful walls.

That empty¬†expanse¬†above the oven already looks ten times better, doesn’t it? Philip removed the LED lights under the cabinets since most of them were missing some lights or blinked like crazy when we turned them on. There are still lights above the cabinets, as you can tell from the little wire poking up on top and hanging below the two upper cabinets.

I still need to paint the other two walls in the kitchen, along with three walls in the “living space” and the hallway but I did paint an additional two walls to the right of the kitchen.

I am so happy with the gray walls, which are Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.

The blue-gray dresser does a good job at blending in with the walls, which I am not a fan of. I plan on refinishing it with stain to add some wood tones to the room, since that highchair will soon be painted.

I have hung curtains since these pictures but still need to hem them to the right length. Sadly, I haven’t gotten any more painting done so I am still attempting to block out all existing yellow walls and just focus on the gray.

Do you find painting to be a daunting task or is it something you manage to get done in one day?

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  2. I love it and hate it. It's very sturdy and well made (I love the glass pitcher) and it's easy to clean. However, it's not the best for things like pesto and hummus. I assumed I could use it as a food processor, and although I do use it as if it were one, it doesn't operate easily like one. For example, when I'm making pesto, I have to blend the nuts and basil in increments, scoop them into a bowl and then add the oil. I have discovered little tricks like turning the blender on then adding things bit by bit instead of all at once really helps. Overall, I do love it… it's a great product, not cheap like other blenders, there's just little quirks about it that take time getting the hang of. Okay, that may have been more information you have ever wanted to know about a blender… haha!

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