Window Shopping at Tea Collection

Okay guys, I have a confession to make. I’ve been slacking off a little bit lately. This whole let’s-find-a-place-to-live has been occupying my time and my mind, leaving me feeling not very creative or very motivated at all. Add to that a baby that won’t nap unless she’s nursing, and you’re left with one post a week from this uninspired gal.

So while I’m being a bed for miss little Isabelle, I thought I would take the time to window shop for one of my favorite things to buy – clothes for my littles – at one of my favorite places to shop – the Tea Collection. I know, it’s a little different than what I usually do around here, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing something unexpected out there.
These are all items for Tea Collection’s semi-annual sale, because I like sales. I don’t like buying anything at full price if I don’t have to, and a lot of clothes stores (Old Navy, Tea Collection, Gymboree, Gap, etc.) have sales often.
1. This brush flower shirt was one of the first things that caught my eye. I love bold and bright patterns, and since I can’t bring myself to wear bold things, I make my daughter do it for me.

2. These play shorts come in four different colors, but I like this “red pepper” color with the floral shirt. Philip would call them pink, I call them coral. I’m still trying to explain to him that there is a difference.

3. Elijah is growing out of his old dump truck and car shirts, and is picking out more graphic shirts. He loves maps and I am a big fan of octopus’ (or octopi), so this treasure map tee is nothing but a win-win. What do you think?
4. Here’s a little fun fact about red shirts… red is one of the first colors our eyes are attracted to. So when we go to crowded parks, I like to dress Elijah in red so that it’s easy to keep my eye on him. Unfortunately, a lot of children wear red shirts, so it takes a couple of times to pick him out of a playground crowd. Really though, I only think it’s a fact. You should really google it before you state it as a fact like I just did. Besides all that, this whale tale shirt is a winner in my books.
5. I like plaid shorts, don’t ask me why. These plaid cargo shorts can easily go with both #4 and #5, which is useful since shorts normally last longer than shirts in this house.
6. A light fabric romper is great for summer time and I just can’t get enough of this simple but great pattern. I wonder if I could make one…
7. I thought of sweet Isabelle the minute I saw this pretty tunic. It would be great for baby girls and older girls. Or I could totally get two and make the girls be all matchy… it would be great.
8. The Tea Collection mentions that the above tunic goes great with any of their shorts, but I like these capri leggings with it. Do you?
9. Lastly, there is this baby romper. I have a thing with rompers, what can I say? Everything from the graphic pattern to the smocking around the neck screams cute.
I mentioned that all the clothing listed here is from the Tea Collection’s semi-annual sale. What’s even better is this week they are offering an additional 25% off by using the code “25SAVE” at checkout. Now all I need to do is convince my husband that the children need more clothes. Yeah… right. Am I the only one with children that are more fashionable than me?!
(Disclaimer: above links contain affiliates, which could help support my little family.)

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