May Thrift Store Finds

Look here, it’s July and I’m finally sharing my thrift store goodies I found in May. Very timely, I know. I will refer to this as fashionably late. Don’t worry though, I have some great finds to share with you all. Plus, I’ve already scored some great things this month that I get to share with you soon, as well!

I want to add in a little disclaimer here, I found these things at a vintage boutique called ARTpool. It reminds me of a great thrift store sans the stuff you don’t care about. So although it is not technically a thrift store, it has great prices like one. That is why I am including what I found there in this month… err… last month’s finds.

Okay, less chit chat and more show and tell. First I’ll show you this sweet vintage magnetic doll set. It was in mint condition until water managed to find its way onto one of the doll sheets. Oh well, that means it is being put to good use.

vintage magnetic dolls

I have to say I am pretty impressed that Eliana uses it the way it was meant to be used. It’s a little hard to grasp my little baby who always threw things around and slobbered on things is now putting hats on magnetic dolls where they belong. Now I’m getting all sappy.

vintage toys

And moving on… I bought this bidding wheel for $1. I have no idea what a bidding wheel is, but it looks neat enough.

bidding wheel

It even came with instructions, which still didn’t clarify what is was to me. That shows how much of a gambler I am.

auction bidding wheel

These vintage Welch’s jelly jars can be listed under my favorite find in May. Aren’t they awesome? I’m picturing them in a future craft room filled with crayons, markers, colored pencils, and maybe marbles lined up on a shelf. A craft room?! Wow! A girl can dream, right? For now, the children’s room will work, after I double bubble wrap them and tape them with fragile tape, of course. Okay, I’m kidding… I’ll only bubble wrap them once.

welch's jelly jars

I really feel like I’m missing something but I think all the months are just starting to blur into one. Here’s to hoping I’ll be back in a timely manner to share with you what I find this month. In the meantime check out February, March, and April’s finds. And for any locals, I highly recommend stopping by ARTpool Gallery to browse their awesome collection of kitchen tools, postcards, cameras, and everything else they have up their sleeves. It’s worth it, I promise.

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