July Thrift Store Finds

Thrift stores around where I am seem to be dwindling in fun things to find, so July was pretty slow in the thrift shopping department. Which is okay with me, since we really don’t need too many things.

Lately, I have been trying to buy things that will be particularly useful to us, like this wood stool. It was less than $3 and is in rough shape, but I’m thinking a dose of Restore-A-Finish will bring it up to par. Eliana doesn’t seem to mind the condition as she is making good use of it.

1-wood stool

In my opinion, books are never a bad thing to have too many of. I’m especially partial to children’s books. I found this one at a thrift store I don’t go to very often. It caught my eye¬†the first time I went there so when it was still there the second time I came around, I figured why the heck not.

6-book back

I’ve been looking for a xylophone for the kids for quite some time now. This one is actual wood and metal, not plastic like newer ones, and only $1.99. It didn’t come with sticks but who needs those when you can use kitchen spoons?!


I also found a cheese grater (the box kind), which has come in handy since I am a fan of block cheese. It’s nothing special so I didn’t snap a picture of it. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

So what have you been finding at thrift stores lately? To see more thrift store finds, click here, and if you want to see what I find when I find it you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

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  1. The xylophone is such a great find. I haven't seen one like that in years.

  2. I thought so too!

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