The Adventures of Boop, Nani, and Peanut Butter: The Key to Sleeping

There is a common method of falling asleep in our home. This is how I imagine my children would explain it.

Whenever possible, pretend to sleep. This will usually accomplish nothing but an “aw” from any adult that is near.

Then, when it comes time to actually sleep, refuse it with all of your might. The key is to stay awake as long as possible, until you fall asleep un-tucked with your bum in the air.

When your parental unit comes to tuck you back in, wake up and repeat. Certainly this will accomplish instant gratification.

Eliana has a way of pretending to sleep right after I make our bed, causing me to remake it after she’s done “sleeping”. This time, Elijah joined in on the fake sleeping, then Eliana insisted Isabelle needed to “sleep” as well. Put all that together and you have the following pictures.


The next photos are a result of Isabelle wanting to cuddle with Curious George. Eliana wasn’t too keen on that idea.

Sharing is caring? Eliana hasn’t quite grasped that concept yet. Actually, she thinks everyone else sharing with her is caring, but her sharing with others has nothing to do with caring.

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