DIY Christmas Branch Garland

This is our third Christmas together as a family. Our first Christmas Nani was nearly a newborn and we had just moved into our house, so we didn’t do much decorating for the season. Last year we were unemployed and only staying afloat by the grace of God, so rather than buying a Christmas tree I “made” one for free.

So this year with no excuses to give, I was set on buying a Christmas tree. Even though we live in a small house, I was going to make it fit. I went to a Christmas tree tent and just couldn’t bring myself to spend $25 on something we would only be keeping for one month. So instead, I picked up some tree branches and tree rings from their cut pile and made a garland. For free.

Christmas Tree Branch Garland
Here’s how I did it; I used pruning shears to cut apart the large branches I had collected. I then sorted through the pile and lined up the best looking branches, which are more like the size of twigs. Once I had what I thought was a good amount laid out, I began stringing them together. I did this by looping baker’s twine around each branch multiple times, pulling tight before moving on to the next branch.
Christmas Tree Branch Garland
I left enough twine on each end to easily hang the garland on my shelves and used more twine to tie the middle portion of the garland to the shelf brackets.
Christmas Tree Branch Garland
I put two leftover branches in two vases to add some greenery to the actual shelves as well and used string lights from Target to further Christmasify the house. That’s a legitimate term, right?
Christmas Tree Branch Garland
Although it is no Christmas tree, it works for us. After all, to us Christmas isn’t about the tree but about Jesus Christ giving us everything he had to give so that we may be considered worthy the spend eternity in heaven. The pretty lights and festive decorations are just a bonus!

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  1. Love this! I think the natural holiday look is so cozy and gorgeous! Plus, you can't beat free right?! You're styling is fantastic!

    Hopped over from the link party! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Megan!

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